Best Destinations for Dinosaur Loving Kids in Colorado

Do you have a dino-obsessed kid in your family? Lucky for us, Colorado is full of dinosaur destinations!

From actual fossil sites to themed parks and play areas, there is something to please dinosaur lovers of all ages. Check out some of our favorite destinations for dinosaur-loving kids in Colorado.

More Destinations in Colorado for Dinosaur-Loving Kids:


3000 East 1st Avenue, Denver, CO, USA

Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Not only is Cherry Creek Shopping Center the premier destination for shoppers in the Denver Metro, it is also tons of fun for dino loving kids! They have a fantastic free play area that is perfect for climbing and exploring. The entire play area is dinosaur themed and sponsored by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.


Withers Canyon Trailhead, La Junta, CO, USA

Picketwire Canyonlands

Adventurous families will love exploring this trailhead in southeast Colorado where you can visit the largest known set of dinosaur tracks in North America. Please note- this is for experienced hikers only as a round trip to view the tracks is 10.6 miles. Biking and horseback riding is also allowed.

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