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10 Great Skateparks in and near Denver!

If your kids have entered the skate stage of life or they’ve been doing it for a while, then you’d rather want them to practice somewhere better than your home street.

Fortunately, there are many great skateparks in Denver, and you’ll find out why it is said that Colorado has some of the best skateparks in the country! Check out our top picks for great skateparks in and near Denver!


12920 W 72nd Ave, Arvada, CO

Arvada Skatepark

Very near Denver, you’ll find Arvada Skatepark. This 40,000 square foot skatepark features a large bowl, a medium bowl, a snake run, street plaza with manual pads, rails, ledges, stair set, benches, and more! Visit Arvada Skatepark and see why this is one of the favorites among skateboarders!


2500 S. Wheel Park Circle, Aurora, CO 80013

Aurora Skate Park

This skaters-only skate park features many bowls, rails, pads, and ledges for riders of all skill levels! It gets very crowded on weekends, so if you’re looking to spend a more relaxed time watching your kids learn some tricks, we recommend visiting on a weekday!


880 Airport Rd, Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge Skatepark

Any level of skateboarder can enjoy this skatepark to the max! This all-round skatepark features a beginner bowl and an advanced bowl, a snake run, volcanoes, spines, banks, and more! The street section features stairs, rails, flat bars, pyramids, and so much more! This is a skatepark worth the visit.

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