Your little chefs will have a blast during these cooking classes in and around Denver!
The kitchen is a place to come together with your loved ones and make new memories, alongside being an activity that entertains the young ones while they learn.
But memories and hands-on learning are not the only benefits of kids learning how to cook, they will get to learn a number of important skills such as good hygiene habitat, focus, and attention, enhance fine motor skills, and so much more!
Let’s take a look at the best places for your mini chefs around the Denver area:

Where: 8171 South Chester Street, Centennial, CO
Hours:Closed Mondays | Tuesday-Friday 3 PM–10 PM | Saturday 2 PM -10 PM | Closed Sunday | HAPPY HOUR: Tuesday-Friday from 3 PM–5 PM

Uncorked Kitchen in Centennial offers fantastic opportunities to build memories and life-long skills with many classes for different age groups.

You will find Family Cooking Classes in which participants will learn knife skills, food preparation, and safety, cooking styles and techniques, among other things. 

At Uncorked Kitchen, you will also find Kids’/Teens Cooking Classes and Camps where they will grow a passion for cooking and fun through imagination, new friends, and great food! These classes are tailored to help young chefs grow their confidence in the kitchen while educating them about how to create healthy meals, where food comes from, and the importance of eating nutritious foods.

Where: PO Box 12492, Denver, CO 80212

This mobile kids’ cooking school holds hands-on cooking classes and camps, featuring kid-friendly recipes and tons of fun options to choose from! 

Sticky Fingers offers online classes, school programs, camps in Colorado, Texas, and Illinois, private events, and cookbooks you can shop!

Where: 2121 Children’s Museum Drive, Denver, CO 80211

Families with kids of all ages, including babies, can enjoy these programs on a variety of topics including nutrition, cooking techniques, gardening, food from around the world, and more!

Experience new foods, and learn tips for cooking with your kids. Some days, you will get to take a field trip to the Cornercopia Gardens to see what’s growing!

You will also find fee-based workshops which spend lots of time exploring what you and your kids can do together in the kitchen!

Where: 999 Jasmine Street, Denver, CO, 80220

The Seasoned Chef has been teaching Denver to cook for over 25 years! This place offers hands-on instruction in a casual and informal setting and caters to all abilities in the kitchen. 

Young people will have the opportunity to gain confidence in the kitchen as this place offers a wide range of ethnic styles and specialty cooking classes for every interest.

Kids will find an approachable, fun environment, where they will engage in hands-on workshops and discover the joys of cooking a range of different dishes each day!

Where: 6460 E. Yale Ave., Denver, CO 80222

If you’re in search of a messy and fun day with your child, this is the right place to visit!

Here, everyone can learn the art of cupcake & cake decorating with awesome kits and classes for everyone, including families with children 8 years old and older.

Where: 121 Clayton Ln., Denver, CO 80206

Sur La Table offers cooking classes for all ages and occasions, including camps and classes designed to introduce young cooks to exciting ingredients, delicious menus, and cool kitchen tools.

These kids’ cooking classes are designed for ages 7–11. Instructors are actual chefs with hands-on teaching experience, so they know just how to guide kids every step of the way. Classes are based on a theme, whether it’s cooking techniques, baking skills or even opening a restaurant. 

Where: 2501 Dallas Street, Aurora Colorado, 80010
Hours:Every Wednesday.

During Family Night at Create Kitchen & Bar, families with kids ages 10 and up will learn how to make tasty dishes from around the world!

This is a great chance to create new dishes and memories together!

In these fun cooking and nutrition classes, young chefs will learn introductory kitchen skills while using fresh, local ingredients to make healthy snacks they can easily replicate at home.

These classes are a perfect introduction to a lifelong love of nutritious, fun, and healthy eating!