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The Best Dance Classes for Kids in Denver

Dancing offers lots of benefits for kids that go beyond just having fun.

Dancing is like a secret exercise, as kids enjoy moving to the music without realizing they’re getting a great workout. Moreover, dancing is an outlet for their emotions and thoughts, promoting good mental well-being. It encourages self-expression and creativity, allowing kids to let their feelings out in a positive way. Additionally, dancing in groups or classes nurtures social skills, teaching them how to work as a team, communicate effectively, and develop friendships.

Overall, dancing is a wonderful way for kids to stay active, healthy, happy, and connected.
Luckily, Denver is home to plenty of kids’ dance lessons for all interests. Whether it’s ballet, hip-hop, jazz, or toddler-parent dance classes, this list has everything you need to know about kids’ dance lessons in the Denver area.
Take a look at our top picks!


6974 Oak Street, Arvada, CO, USA

Miss Rachel's Dance Studio

Miss Rachael’s Dance provides young dancers, ages 2 and up, with quality, structured dance education and an appreciation for the arts in a supportive and enthusiastic environment. The studio offers Ballet, Jazz, and Tap for ages 7 and up; Ballet/Tap Combo for ages 2–12; Hip Hop Fusion; Boys Tap/Hip Hop Combo; Acro, Lyrical, and more!


2305 S Syracuse Way unit 7, Denver, CO 80231, USA

Dancin' Dreams

Dancin’ Dreams provides two studio locations in Denver and offers a family-friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. The programs not only teach foundational skills in dance; but students also learn about classroom structure, commitment, follow-through, and how to work as a team. Dancing Dreams offers classes in Creative Movement, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Performance Team, Musical Theater, and Adult Dance.


Where: 1755 West 48th Ave, Denver, CO 80221

Kim Robards Dance

Kim Robards Dance is another highly regarded dance school in the Denver region. It provides classes for both those looking for recreational enjoyment and those aiming for professional training. So, if your child aspires to be a professional dancer in the future, this is a fantastic place to begin their journey.


Where: 1278 Lincoln St. Denver, CO 80203

Colorado Ballet Academy

If your child is aiming to become a professional ballet dancer, the ideal starting point for their education is the Colorado Ballet Academy. For the youngest participants, there are classes designed for both parents and children to engage in movement together. Additionally, there are classes tailored for creative dance and dance for boys, as well as ballet, tap, modern, and more.


Where: 336. S BROADWAY DENVER, CO 80209

EVQ Elite Dance Studio

EVQ Elite Dance Studio offers high-quality dance classes for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds who are looking for creative self-expression, exercise, and social opportunities through dance. The studio offers hip-hop, jazz, tap, turns and progressions, ballet, pointe, jazz funk, and contemporary.


Where: 5940 South Gun Club Road, Aurora, CO 80016

Miller’s Dance Studio

Miller’s Dance Studio offers parent-toddler dance classes for ages 18 months to 3 years old. These classes are an introduction to dance for the very youngest dancers. These classes are structured to stimulate coordination skills, listening skills, balance, music interpretation, creative movement, and motor development in the youngest dancers. Kids can also enjoy dance camps and musical theater camps.

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