LEGO Adventures for Kids: LEGO Club locations in Denver

If you’re a family in Denver looking for Lego® Clubs for your little ones, this is the right place to look! For those parents who’ve heard about LEGO Clubs but are still not sure what they are, delve with us into this world that is so popular among kids. LEGO Club is a time specifically designed for kids to play and build freely with LEGO bricks, usually offered in libraries. Depending on the place and the activity, the focus can be on STEM learning through bricks, using LEGOs to build solutions to engineering challenges, or simply working on problem-solving skills, critical thinking, cooperation, and creativity. Playing with LEGO bricks and engaging in LEGO activities in early childhood has several benefits for children. Check out these places around Denver where you can find a LEGO Club for kids or LEGO activities that your children will love!

LEGO Clubs & More LEGO-related Places for Kids in Denver


Park Hill, Denver, CO, USA


This is an awesome place that combines educational activities that will serve kids’ futures with LEGO bricks! At Snapology, kids can engage in STEAM Classes for kids, including science, technology, engineering, arts & math, robotics, animation, and computer learning through play using LEGO® Bricks, K'Nex, and more!

LEGO Clubs are fun as well as educational!
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