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40 Best Parks & Playgrounds For Kids In Denver

Denver is home to some of the coolest and most unique playgrounds you will find anywhere in the country!

With so much to discover and play on, kids will never get tired of exploring and climbing on these awesome structures. Check out our list of the 40 best parks and playgrounds in Denver below and get ready to have a fun family time!


2220 South Kipling Street, Lakewood

Carmody Park

Carmody Park in Lakewood is a modern playground with plenty of features for the little ones to have a blast, including a two-person swing, a rocking boat, a merry-go-round, and many climbing challenges that kids of all abilities can enjoy. Children will love the musical instruments, the fitness equipment, the sandbox, and the huge space they have to run around!


Quail Creek Drive and Zuni Street, Broomfield

McKay Lake Park

Right in the middle of Boulder and Denver, you can find McKay Lake Park, an awesome nature play area made mostly from wood! This unique park features many tunnels, slides, climbing structures, logs, and hills. If you are looking for more activities beyond the regular playground, the park also offers a bike park and a lake!


23701 East Hinsdale Way, Aurora

Red-tailed Hawk Park

Located southeast of Aurora, Red-Tailed Hawk Park is an inclusive playground that welcomes kids of all abilities to play and have a fun time. This 8,000 square feet playground features a wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round and swings, an adaptive zip line, an accessible slide, a sensory garden, and even access to Piney Creek Trail!


: 2650 E. 49th Ave., Denver

Swansea Park

This amazing neighborhood park has a playground designed by kids! You will find many fun features to have your little one enjoying hours of fun, including a double swing, a log maze, a zip line, a preschool-sized playhouse, a rope net, and plenty of space to run around!


6351 W. 44th Ave., Wheat Ridge

Hopper Hollow Park

This awesome park with a bugs and plants theme in Wheat Ridge is the ultimate playground destination for your little ones! With two climbing walls, merry-go-rounds, swings, slides, and so much more, this playground is a must-visit in the Denver area.


3700 W. 58th Place, Arvada

Clear Creek Valley Park

There’s no need to worry if your kid or you want to go to the bathroom: this park features one on-site! The park has four different sections: a fitness zone that adults can enjoy, a sandbox and creek area, a toddler zone, and the big kids’ playground!


13402 Kalamath St, Westminster

Quail Crossing Park

Take a trip to space at this one-of-a-kind space-themed park that features a huge launch-pad slide and other fun things to climb and play on. Hop on the alien-themed teeter-totter or spin around on a red ring that will make you feel like you’re in orbit!


14600 W. 32nd Ave., Golden

Maple Grove Park

The drive to Golden is totally worth it for Maple Grove Park. This is a pretty unique playground: It’s a scavenger hunt played right on-site that involves looking for pictures all over the area. You will also find slides, bridges, toddler-sized structures, and so much more!


2121 Children’s Museum Drive, Denver

Gates Crescent Park

Children’s favorite place in Denver, the Children’s Museum has a unique neighbor: the Gates Crescent Park. Kids will have a blast playing pretend and becoming pirates on the large boat. They will also find tire swings, ring bars, slides, trees, and so much more!


6049 Forest Dr, Commerce City

Veterans Memorial Park

Kids of all ages will make the most out of this park! This playground features three separate areas, one for toddlers, one for big kids, and a nature play area! This is also an accessible playground, it features a zero-step merry-go-round, adaptive swings, and wheelchair ramps.


S Decatur St & W Vassar Ave, Denver

West Harvard Gulch

Don’t judge this playground by its size, it may seem small, but there are plenty of features that children will love! It features many climbing structures such as ladders, steps, bridges, nets, and platforms. Children will have a blast with the many musical instruments, slides, and more!


1290 Knox Ct, Denver

Paco Sanchez Park

Paco Sanchez Park is one of the most impressive and unique playgrounds in Colorado! A large climbing structure is built upon a rubber hill that is complete with all sorts of fun obstacles for kids of all ages. There are also plenty of swings, spinners, nets, and more.


1523 S Uinta Way, Denver

Long’s Pine Grove

The Long’s Pine Grove playground is almost entirely constructed out of wood. Children will enjoy a fun time with the climbing nets, playhouses, logs, bridges, sand area, and more! There’s plenty of natural space to enjoy nature as well.


Denver, CO 80209, USA

Washington Park

Washington Park is a neighborhood and public urban park in Denver that is one of the finest public parks in the state! Home to the popular Wash Park Playground, this is a place that is a must-see for parents and kids alike. Washington Park is home to lakes, trails, open fields, playgrounds, and so much more.


10721 Countryside Dr, Westminster

This playground with a nautical theme is built on a hilltop and it offers beautiful mountain views as well as plain fun for the little ones! Kids will find palm trees, a lighthouse, boats, sails, and the tail of a whale! There are plenty of opportunities for fun in this park.


S Memphis St & E Rice Pl, Aurora

Sunburst Park

Kids who love trains will be fascinated with this train-themed playground! It features a huge train engine structure, slides, tunnels, a large steering wheel, a climbable water tower with slides, a play train station, and so much more!


69th Ave & Eaton St, Arvada

Britton Park

This farm-themed playground features a huge barn play structure, a chicken coop, a play tractor, a separate area for the little ones, and plenty of space to run freely! Kids will have a blast at this Arvada park!


16169 W Ellsworth Dr, Golden

Estates Park

Play with gorgeous mountain views at Estates Park in Golden, which features a classic playground of fun that includes a tower that is 5 flights of stairs tall! Once you reach the top, you can slide down one of the tallest slides you will find at any park in Colorado.


1694 W 128th Ave, Westminster

Big Dry Creek Park

Along the Big Dry Creek Trail in Westminster, you will find a spacious park that is perfect for your little ones to play and run around. The park features a playground with a spinner, a cage spinner, and so much more!


6214 Zinnia St, Arvada

Meadow Lake Park

This playground has a pond theme with play area features for kids to climb, slide, and play all day! While kids enjoy the amazing structures, parents can enjoy the scenic lake and take some fresh air in a beautiful space.


Carr St & W 13th Ave, Lakewood

Richey Park

This playground is not only colorful, but it’s also super fun! It features a lot of play structures such as spinners, climbing nets, slides, and more. What kids love the most is watching the light rail trains zoom by every few minutes.

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